Fitness Centre in Abuja

The Fitness Centre at Grand Pela Hotel & Suites combines cutting-edge equipment, luxurious services, and a world-class virtual experience to motivate you every day. The fitness centre located in Abuja is comprised of two distinct facilities. The spacious and serene indoor gym is dedicated to workout routines. The indoor gym features machines for cardiovascular training and heavier lifting, including a state-of-the-art stretch cage and boxing system.

On the other hand, the outdoor gym consists of two swimming pools (kids and adult) and outdoor workout area. The pools are dedicated for water training classes, aqua aerobics section and all other similar activities.

Stay fit and feel your best during your stay with fitness classes led by expert personal trainers. The Fitness Centre in Abuja gives you several guided workouts sections for treadmill, cardio machines, running, strength training, yoga, meditation and more — all set with inspiring music by today’s top artists. Whenever you come in, you have a personal trainer – all for free while you’re in residence. Get complimentary, unlimited membership access during your next visit to Grand Pela Hotel & Suites. To learn more about some of the programmes at the fitness centre visit 4 fitness routine or take a virtual tour or better stop by the Front Desk.

Interdisciplinary personal training sessions as well as private yoga, movement, and meditation classes are also available upon request.

Curated playlists deliver an energizing soundtrack for your workout, while thoughtful amenities like performance-enhancing sports drinks and fresh towels keep you hydrated and refreshed. The Grand Pela Hotel & Suites Fitness Centre Abuja is open 24-hours a day.

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